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Clemson University Forestry Assistant Professor – Dr. David Coyle – Episode 24

Dr. David Coyle is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Forestry and Environmental Conservation at Clemson University. His Extension Forestry program focuses on forest health and invasive species management in forest types across the Southeast.     You can find Dave’s forest health outreach work at, or find him on Facebook ( Instagram…

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What International Conference Life Is Like

Author and Photos by Talking Forests  How did someone from a little town in WA State get to go to an International Conference and speak? It is simple, I asked to go and said I was available to be a speaker, in Poland. 2018 International Forest Business Conference and the next one is slated for 2020! So,…

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Finally, Some Great Forest Podcasts You Should Hear

Author and Photos by Talking Forests  Podcasts have been gaining popularity as a convenient way to gain some new knowledge easily. Why are they convenient? You can listen to them on your way to and from work on the Bluetooth or speaker device in your car, while you are walking around, and while you are…

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