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"Wood from working forests is the most responsible building material on earth. Natural, renewable, and climate friendly, wood is a vital part of the green economy of the 21st Century. From home building to innovative uses in modern architecture, to the thousands of products we use every day, wood is a sustainable, green material that is truly our most natural resource." - (www.themostnaturalresource.com)

Their Goals

Build a social media presence, educate the community about building with wood, and feature wooden buildings from around the world.


Our Work

The Service

Talking Forests has been traveling the world documenting building with wood since 2017. They started the building with wood marketing effort in 2015 and learned quickly that it was a great resource to educate people about how sustainable and functional it is to build taller buildings with. Talking Forests will travel to document wooden wonders, just contact us!


Talking Forests is continuing this effort


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