About the Client


We were assigned the Marketing Coordinator role.

Services we provided:

Social Media Management - Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube
Managing content across multiple channels - Website, Social, and YouTube
Developing compelling and engaging content
SEO Blog Management and Creation
Writing and Copy Editing
Social Media Video Production
Graphic Design
Campaign Management
Website Editing and Design
Email Management
Communications Planning
CRM Database Management - Salesforce and MailChimp
Document Management
Coaching and Training
Monthly and Quarterly Reporting

Their Goals

Grow the marketing department, work from a strategy, and provide full-suite services to raise awareness and sell the innovations that American Green Consulting provides.


Our Work

A Project We Enjoyed

The DEI Toolkit was a passion project we worked on and got out to the greater public.

"As we continue to think through this work and the importance within our industry and society, we wanted to transform the DEI Toolkit into something we could share and make accessible to the public. We, now, have a webpage with interactive downloadable content available for sharing out on social channels. We are excited to bring all your hard work to this format and encourage you to share widely with your own networks."



What The Client Said

"Over the the two years that Candra worked with me and my small business on our marketing, I found her to be honest, refreshing, and committed to our industry and organization. As the fortunes of small business in a pandemic goes, we don't have the opportunity to keep working together, but I can certainly recommend her to any other organization that values a strong minded and dedicated person in their corner. Her marketing and social media knowledge had a positive impact for us." - Chris Gibbons, President of AGC

"Candra, your perspective, and dedication to the greater natural resources industry, has been a real benefit to our organization. I certainly recommend your work to anyone needing your social media savvy." - Chris Gibbons, President of AGC

"I had the privilege of working alongside Candra on a long-term project for a client in the sustainability consulting industry. We were hired concurrently as marketing experts and had complementary skills and focus areas, tasked with updating the company’s strategy, establishing KPIs and data-driven campaigns, and supporting new SaaS sales efforts.

Candra expertly navigated the role of Marketing Coordinator, showing strong leadership skills throughout - from navigating the onboarding of two different sales coordinators to training the staff on marketing efforts to conducting interviews with clients and industry experts. Candra also was key in integrating DEI-centered content into the marketing mix.

I was impressed by Candra’s ability to juggle inputs from all areas of the company and clients, keeping the marketing strategy on track and producing positive results throughout staff and software updates, learning what was needed to be successful and training others on it as well.

If you have the opportunity to bring Candra into your company’s marketing team, avail yourself of it. She’s an adaptable marketing rockstar." - Nick Armstrong, Owner of WTF Marketing


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