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Austrian Wooden Wonder

Treetop Walk Salzkammergut

Our Austrian adventure was amazing with wood as the theme all week. The main event was when we visited Baumwipfelpfad Salzkammergut which translates to Treetop Walk Salzkammergut, truly an Austrian Wooden Wonder.


The start of our trip was in a wooden hut in a remote region of Austria in the village of Scharnstein. “Scharnstein is a municipality in the district of Gmunden in the Austrian state of Upper Austria.”

As we drove back and forth to see parts of the Gmunden tourist activities, we drove past an elementary school made of wood. Image more of these being built in places across the world, it can be done. The health benefits of staying in a wooden building are tremendous and calming.

Treetop Walk Salzkammergut is in a remote region of the beautiful region of Gmunden. “It is much frequented as a health and summer resort, and has a variety of lake, brine, vegetable and pine-cone baths, a hydropathic establishment, inhalation chambers, whey cure, etc. It is also an important centre of the salt industry in Salzkammergut.”

In order to get up to the treetop walk, you park at the bottom and ride the gondola up to the top! The ride up was breathtaking and we had clear sky to see far and wide.

What was the best part?

The views from the top were incredible. Walking through (bathing) in trees on a wooden walkway up to the top was an experience you do not want to miss.

A surprise in the wooden tower?

Yes, they had a slide open for people to slide down and enjoy time in nature.

Our last tree tower blog mentioned this one in Austria and it just opened in 2018.

The Austrian tree top walk is 21 meters tall or 69 feet! “The walk and observation tower are designed to be accessible and family-friendly.” A must see on your bucket list in Austria.

They have 9 of these built across Europe. To see more of these amazing wooden wonder towers go to this website:

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