Tacoma Washington Wooden Wonders

By Talking Forests | March 20, 2019

Author and Photos by Talking Forests  A wooden conference you have been waiting for! We are ready to show Portland Mass Timber conference attendees what we do. Check out some of the work Talking Forests has done. www.talkingforests.com/portfolio/ The International Mass Timber Conference is back with popular demand in Portland, Oregon this week! People from…

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Have you heard about the #forestproud movement?

By Talking Forests | October 25, 2018

Author and Photos: Talking Forests for #forestproud #forestproud is an organization that has come a long way since its inception. I first heard about it in 2015 and watched this organization grow from a professional society feel much like what we already have out there to this new and changing organization that fosters diversity in…

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Friends from Two Different Countries Share the Love of Forests

By Talking Forests | September 4, 2018

The Toerring Forest Story in Seefeld, Germany Writing and Photos by Talking Forests On a partly cloudy German morning, Talking Forests pulls up to a forestry office near the Seefeld Castle. Douglas-fir regeneration unit with a 2-year old bareroot plug planted. Photo Credit: Talking Forests How did we get this opportunity? Tom Hanson, the District…

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A Wooden Tree Top Tour You Want to Do in Germany

By Talking Forests | August 21, 2018

  Author and Photos by Talking Forests  Would you walk on a wooden tower through the forests even if you had a fear of heights? A view looking down on the tree top walk wooden path into the German forest floor. Photo Credit: Talking Forests Baumwipfelpfad Saarschleife is a wooden tree tower walk in the Saarland region of…

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What International Conference Life Is Like

By Talking Forests | July 18, 2018

  Author and Photos by Talking Forests  How did someone from a little town in WA State get to go to an International Conference and speak? It is simple, I asked to go and said I was available to be a speaker, in Poland. 2018 International Forest Business Conference and the next one is slated for 2020!…

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France’s Tallest Wood Buildings to be Built on a City Block

By Talking Forests | June 12, 2018

  Author and Photos by Talking Forests  Bouygues Immobilier is excited to get this wooden building ready for tenants to live in. Photo Credit: Talking Forests A new block of tall buildings made of wood is planned for Strasbourg, France, and the first one is already almost finished. The Sensations building broke ground this winter, is…

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Patrick Shults Brings Stewardship Forestry to Southwest Washington

By Talking Forests | May 12, 2018

Author and Photos by Talking Forests  Patrick Shults is the new Southwest Washington Washington State University extension forester based out of Chehalis, WA. Serving Clallam, Clark, Cowlitz, Grays Harbor, Jefferson, Lewis, Mason, Skamania, Thurston, and Wahkiakum Counties. His background is in forestry based non-profits and education. After his undergrad, he fell in love with academia which is why…

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Finally, Some Great Forest Podcasts You Should Hear

By Talking Forests | April 21, 2018

  Author and Photos by Talking Forests  Podcasts have been gaining popularity as a convenient way to gain some new knowledge easily. Why are they convenient? You can listen to them on your way to and from work on the Bluetooth or speaker device in your car, while you are walking around, and while you…

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Netherlands Wooden Tower That Will WOW You – Pompejus

By Talking Forests | April 13, 2018

  Author and Photos by Talking Forests  Talking Forests had the opportunity to see the Pompejus tower a week after the grand opening. Driving out to Fort de Roovere was serene and beautiful in the low morning light. Parked under a canopy of broadleaf trees that were not blooming, yet. Still, the colors of Fall on the ground.…

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You can use LinkedIn to land you a job or contract!

By Talking Forests | March 20, 2018

  Author and Photos by Talking Forests  Earlier this week, I posted a great piece from Social Media Examiner that helped us understand how to use LinkedIn to get better visibility. Why is this close to my heart? How do I know that these tricks work? In 2014, I was working harder than ever on a…

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