Are People Using too Many Hashtags? We Wanted to Find Out Why They Exist

By Talking Forests | February 24, 2018

  Author and Photos by Talking Forests  You are probably thinking; Talking Forests is going a little crazy with those hashtags. The research we have conducted showed us some compelling evidence. We admit, we are using them more now and committed to helping you understand why we recommend them. Talking Forests is keeping up with…

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Why Do You Need a Social Media Plan?

By Talking Forests | January 22, 2018

  Author and Photos by Talking Forests  Are you still thinking about starting up social media? Do you have social media platforms started, but you do not have time or are not reaching a large audience anymore?  During your free consultation, we ask you a series of questions to get to know your goals and…

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Five Activities in the Nisqually Watershed from Mount Rainier-Sound

By Talking Forests | November 12, 2017

  Author and Photos by Talking Forests Did you know that the Nisqually River divides Thurston from Pierce County? The Nisqually River is created by a glacier that is on Mount Rainier and you can view the glacier in Mount Rainier National Park and then go all the way to the end of the river…

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Castle Rock High School Studies Mount St. Helens Evolution

By Talking Forests | October 15, 2017

  Author and Photo by Talking Forests  On a sunny fall morning, students from Castle Rock High School are briefed by the staff of Mount St. Helens Institute (MSHI) in preparation for a day of learning in not your average classroom. Students have a chance to be in the best classroom of all at MSHI, the outdoors…

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Every Summer, Young Professionals Compete For A Job, Follow Four in This Post

By Talking Forests | September 11, 2017

  Author and Photos by Talking Forests  Tanya from the Green River Community College wanted to further her career so she competed for a summer job and won. Her favorite part was being able to work out in the field for the summer. She worked at a fish hatchery in the Cowlitz River operated by…

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Forest Landowners Celebrate Field Day in Oakville, WA

By Talking Forests | September 2, 2017

  Author and Photos by Talking Forests  On a bright and sunny summer day, forest landowners come together for field sessions and educational opportunities put on by Washington State University Extension Forestry and the Washington Department of Natural Resources Small Forest Landowner Office.  The event was hosted by John Henrikson of Wild Thyme Farm. Andy Perleberg presents award to…

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Talking Forests Goes to South Korea

By Talking Forests | August 20, 2017

Author and Photos by Talking Forests  The best part about having a mobile business is being able to go anywhere in the world. The sights in South Korea are amazing and thousands, not hundreds, of years seated into history. Check out this temple: Guinsa Temple, South Korea We hiked several vertical incline miles to make…

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Introducing Natural Resources to High School Students in the Field

By Talking Forests | October 19, 2016

Author and Photos by Talking Forests  On a moist fall day, Aberdeen High School Natural Resources and Applied Biology students went out to the field in Lake Sylvia, Montesano, WA to learn. Montesano, WA is home to the very first tree farm in the United States. The field day had six stations where students learned…

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