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I was inspired by Molly Burke in her YouTube video called “My Guide Dog Guided Me Across A SUSPENSION Bridge!” to go to the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park. As a business owner with a Service Dog, I wondered how we could get across this bridge. Rhett, my 11-year-old border collie does have experience in agility so I knew he might be okay. We arrived on a cold end-of-December morning in North Vancouver and started early to beat the crowds. The first display is of the First Nation’s local history and a beautiful wooden floor and a totem display.

Capilano, from the Squamish Nation’s Kia’palano, which means “beautiful river.”

After honoring the First Nation, we move into the park and learn why the suspension bridge is in the park. George Grant Mackay bought 6,000 acres of the property and built a cabin and the suspension bridge which was originally made of hemp rope and cedar planks. After he died, they replaced the hemp rope with wire cable in 1903.

Rhett and I slowly made it across and I was very impressed by his willingness to cross and gave him positive reinforcement in the form of treats.

“Nature’s Edge Boardwalk” meanders through the dense North American forest and brings you into the understory of the Treetop Walkway portion of the park.

Rhett and I traversed through the treetop walkway. And since it was holiday season, they had lights and some cute displays up. And with the purchase of the day pass you are also able to come back and see the night lights for free.

Using wood in this way inspires me and I think some of our history in the USA could be converted like this and used for greater public use. We need treetop walkways that are interpretive to teach people our history and recreate it at the same time.

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