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Podcasts have been gaining popularity as a convenient way to gain some new knowledge easily. Why are they convenient? You can listen to them on your way to and from work on the Bluetooth or speaker device in your car, while you are walking around, and while you are on your tractor. The best part about getting into a podcast is that you can take it with you on any device and choose what you want to listen to and when you listen to it. Our favorite part is when we see a new forest podcast come out that is highlighting practices and talking to guests about forests.

Mount Rainier National Park and the Foothills of the Nisqually River are wonderful multi-use forest areas in Washington State.

Talking Forests has a few podcasts that we recommend and that we listen to now:

Leadership Nature Podcasts: Tom Davidson has been interviewing the best forest leadership, mentors, advocates, and members of the forest and natural resources community in the US since 2016. With 4 seasons, you are sure to find an episode capturing someone you know. Season 1 has 18 episodes, Season 2 features women in forestry and natural resources with 27 episodes. Season 3 is about young professionals in forestry and natural resources with 23 episodes. Currently, Leadership Nature is on Season 4.

You can follow them on Facebook and Twitter with @LeadershipNature

Tom Davidson is a professional with many years of experience and always humble.

YourForest Podcast: Matthew Kristoff is the creator and host of the YourForest podcast series. He interviews people with environmental, natural resource, and forest knowledge to share. From women in forestry to pine beetle, you will enjoy this array of topics that are discussed. “The goal is to have simple conversations that provide insight to both the public and forest professionals alike. The more people that understand the way our forests and wildlife are managed, the easier it is to do the right thing.”-Matt

You can follow them on Facebook and Instagram with @yourforestpodcast

Matt Kristoff has some good interviews with Canadian professionals bringing a fresh perspective on environmental management on mostly public land.

Forestproud is featuring Forest Voices on their website and interviewing guests that are discussing wildfire right now. They plan to have quarterly topics that will be rolling out with great guests and many voices of the sector. “For 2018 we have 4 series planned focused on a range of issues affecting our forests and will run for a couple of weeks so that we can really dig in on the issues from multiple perspectives. New episodes will drop every Monday starting April 9. In addition to the weekly series, our Executive Director (Will Novy-Hildesley) will dive in once a month on a separate interview.”-#ForestProud

You can follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with @forestproud

#ForestProud is a community of professionals united from the US and Canada

So here are some places you can go to start listening to any podcast:

Spotify, Audible, Stitcher, and iTunes

There are many places you can try out to create your own podcast series as well:

Podcast Websites, OmnyStudio, Pippa,, Pinecast, Anchor, Podigee, Whooshkaa, Audioboom, Simplecast, ZenCast, Fireside, Castos, BlogTalkRadio, Spreaker, PodOmatic, SoundCloud, Blubrry, BuzzSprout, BuzzSprout, Libsyn and more…

If you plan to start a podcast, let us know about it and we will feature you on our social media avenues. This is encouraged and who knows?! Talking Forests may even start one someday!

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