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My name is Myles Vernon Polk, I am originally from San Diego, California and currently reside in Tuskegee, Alabama. I attended The Piney Woods Boarding School in Mississippi for high school and gained a Bachelors of Science Degree in Plant and Soil Science with a focus in Forest Management from Tuskegee University. I was a student in the Pathways Program established by the United States Forest Service throughout college which allowed me to work in various disciplines within Forestry during my summers.

I spent my summers working mainly in timber and fire management but I also had the opportunity to work in areas such as wildlife, watershed management, soil science and silviculture on multiple forest. After graduating from college In 2015 I was offered a position as a Forester in Silviculture on the Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forest in Idaho. Soon after taking this position I became the Genetics Coordinator on the same forest. I spent three years coordinating the tree genetics program, climbing trees to collect scion, pollen and cones as well as managing a 60+ acre Tree Improvement Area with various tree species.

Once my son was born in 2017 I decided to apply for positions in the southeastern region to be closer to family. I was offered a position in 2018 on the Tuskegee National Forest which is located in the same county as my alma mater. I now work on the Tuskegee National Forest as a Forestry Tech and frequently work with Tuskegee University and Auburn University through partnerships. I really enjoy my current position as I am on the smallest US National Forest with a staff of only six employees which allows me to work in many different areas of natural resource management.

My main job duties reside in the realm of timber management, silviculture, safety, fire management and education but at any moment I may be asked to assist with wildlife, recreation, soil, watershed management or anything else within the range of Forestry Science. The main focus on the Tuskegee National Forest is the restoration of the Longleaf pine ecosystem. I spend my time outside of the woods on family, spiritual growth, exercise, photography/videography, horticulture and community engagement (personal and group exercise training, fitness and natural resource educational programs and community service).

My goal in the world of social media is to show everyone all of the amazing things I have stumbled upon in my life that may not be popular with the masses, especially within the African-American community. I am an African-American male from the inner city that was guided to nature somehow and loved it. I found my true passion in the middle of the woods, so I hope I can inspire others to think outside of the box and explore the things that may not be the stereotypical choice for their race, creed, color, ethnicity, religion, sex, age or any other labels society may place on them.

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  1. Nancy Ross on July 16, 2020 at 12:39 am

    Myles: Did you have a professional job in Idaho and moved to the Tech series to find a job in Alabama? Have you applied to any professional jobs in Alabama?

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