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To be the international leader for advancing the sustainable use of renewable cellulosic resources through science and technology.


Contribute to global stewardship by encouraging the social, economic and environmentally sustainable use of wood and other renewable cellulosic materials.


Implement the Mission and provide value to members and partners by:
  • Leading the international exchange of scientific discoveries, innovation and technical knowledge,
  • Facilitating innovative and intelligent, contemporary use of renewable materials within architectural, engineering, manufacturing, construction and bioenergy communities,
  • Educating and shaping public opinion and policy about renewable materials through science-based knowledge,
  • Providing services to build the scientific knowledge base, ultimately resulting in technological advancements for end-users.

Their Goals

Build a social media presence, market events like "Future of Wood", communicate and educate the sustainable use of wood.


Our Work

The Service

Talking Forests brought in a skill set that helped this society get started on social media. They worked with a board member to find out the needs of the communication strategy in the organization and started to work together to design and plan out the content on the social media platforms.

Facebook (www.facebook.com/FPSNorthwest)

Twitter (www.twitter.com/fpsnorthwest)

LinkedIn (www.linkedin.com/groups/13600086/)

Instagram (www.instagram.com/fpsnorthwest)


FPSNW Instagram 2018_07_11 Many Likes

What The Client Said

Candra at Talking Forests was great to work with and a natural fit for Forest Products Society Northwest region #FPSNW social media Campaign. We started with nothing and over the course of 1 year we have complete visibility and are in the forest, forest product and industry professional pipeline of social media. Also I knew nothing about social media and she was able to hold my hand and help me understand the best approach to content and branding.  As we all in the industry know the wood product industry is a small cohort and family focused professional who traditionally do not use social media for work purposes and Candra has help market the Forest Product Society Northwest Region as such to a broader audience with ease, professionalism and class. Her attention to detail and creative text and hashtags has made our content sing with excitement. She is a true pioneer in our industry and has maintained a strong professional status online and has help us gain exposure like nobody else could provide. I would and have recommended Candra to many parties looking for a forest and forest products focused social media director/business to manage social media marketing campaigns. In this age of digital transformation, it’s nice to have somebody as talented, in the know, and effectiveness as Candra knows the people/companies/network like she does. Truly a great asset for any company.” - Charles Gale FPS NW Regional Board Representative


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