About the Client


"We are hikers, hunters, land owners, researchers, foresters, students, professionals. We work at family businesses, forest product companies, conservation and recreation organizations, universities, and government agencies.

Our mission is to build trust and support to manage, harvest, conserve, and play in North America’s forests in ways that address key societal challenges.

We are a diverse community of forest stewards responsible for shaping the future of North America’s forests. We value the renewable products and benefits they provide us and are committed to making choices that keep forests as forests.

We are #forestproud. Join us." - (www.forestproud.org)

Their Goals

Promote #forestproud consistently across social media, blogs, email, websites, and on our podcast, Talking Forests.


Our Work

The Service

Talking Forests has been helping promote #forestproud since the inception of the North American Forest Partnership (NAFP) in 2015.
Talking Forests provided social media coverage and photography services at NAFP’s event “Rising to the Challenge” on September 11-12, 2018, in Atlanta, GA and created a post-event write up after the event concluded.
We continue to promote the work of #forestproud consistently across social media, blogs, email, websites, and our podcast episodes.

What The Client Said

"I’ve had the pleasure to work with Candra over the past few years, and watched her grow her voice as an independent consultant, helping lead the forest sector into the digital space. She’s definitely an emerging voice of the forest sector. She’s savvy, tenacious, and plugged in, able to tap into conversations and showcase the stories of the forest sector with careful attention and respect to detail and the history of the sector, while showing the faces of the future. She is cutting edge in the digital world, with a solid new media portfolio, showing up consistently across social media, blogs, email, websites, and even podcasts. Candra has her eye on the future of communication and is committed to bringing the forest story online and in front of as many eyes and ears as possible."-Rae Tamblyn, Partnership Experience Manager for #forestproud


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