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"John A. Brink came to Canada from Holland in 1965 with $25.47 in his pocket, a suitcase full of books, and a dream to build his own sawmill." Interviewing him was such a treat and we learned so much about lumber, forests and wood from him in our recorded video on YouTube and in this podcast episode, do not miss out on this one!

Watch Our YouTube Video of John and Candra here: https://youtu.be/k8AH1TwK9XY

"10 years later, through sheer determination and an unwavering dedication to his vision, John developed a detailed business plan in 1975, establishing a value-added manufacturing facility in Northern British Columbia named Brink Forest Products. 44 years later, John is still at the helm of Brink Forest Products, which is today is the largest secondary wood manufacturing company in Canada and 13th largest forest company in the province of British Columbia, employing in excess of 400 people.

John has a proven track record as a visionary leader in various industry organizations. However, the road hasn’t always been easy. It has taken resourcefulness, perseverance, innovation and boundless determination for Brink to succeed in a tough industry.

Brink started his business with a lumber remanufacturing and finger-jointing plant; both of which he constructed from scratch. Finger-jointing dimension lumber had never been done in Canada prior to this, allowing Brink to establish himself as an industry pioneer. Brink’s original vision continues to guide the company today. The original business plan of 1975 accounts for the aggressive growth strategy that Brink has currently embarked on over past 44 years.

As an industry leader, Brink is the longest serving director on the Council of Forest Industries, which represents the forest industry in British Columbia. Brink is the founding president of the B.C. Council of Value-Added Wood Processors, which had eight associations across B.C. and boasted 800 members.  He has been involved in all five of Canada’s softwood lumber battles with the United States, representing the secondary re-manufacturing industry.

As a Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) recipient – the highest recognizable achievement in Toastmasters – Brink has enjoyed being a public speaker for many years, with speaking engagements ranging from UNBC MBA presentations to local forestry tours for individuals from across the globe, as well as other speaking opportunities throughout province and nation.

In addition to a successful business acumen, Brink is also a dedicated philanthropist, supporting hundreds of charities and non-profit organizations in the community and across the globe. Brink is also well-known for advocating animal welfare, supporting the SPCA, PG Humane Society and most recently, providing a $50,000 donation to the Prince George Animal Rescue. Additionally, Brink is a founding sponsor of the international West Coast Dressage Festival and rides dressage on a weekly basis with his wife, Sharon."

Voice By Gordon Collier in Introduction: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jgordoncollier/

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