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Our guest today is Jasmine Brown and she recently received the high honor of Society of American Foresters Diversity Scholar a year-long program. The Diversity Scholarship Program ensures that the Scholarship winners have a convention mentor and remain connected with that mentor during the remainder of the year.
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Current Positions: Jasmine K. Brown is currently a Graduate Student at Oregon State University in the Forest Ecosystems and Society Program. Jasmine is also a US Forest Service Pathways Intern in Silviculture in Washington on the Umatilla National Forest. She is also a Society of American Foresters Diversity Scholarship Recipient and Diversity Ambassador.

Education: As a Connecticut native, she received her Bachelor’s degree in Natural Resources from the University of Connecticut. Jasmine also spent one year at Alabama A&M University through a student exchange program. Alabama A&M is the first and only Historically Black College and University (HBCU) with an SAF accredited forestry Bachelor’s degree.

Previous Jobs: Prior to returning to graduate school, Jasmine was a US Forest Service traveling Forest Technician for three years. This position involved traveling to a different national forest each month. Jasmine also has prior experience as a graduate teaching assistant for a forest biology course.

Hobbies: CrossFit, forest walks, and journaling.

Her goal in the world of social media: "#ChangeTheNarrative in Forestry and Natural Resources. For so long I have been told that “people like me” typically do not go into forestry. Each of my posts defy stereotypes about forestry and natural resource professionals. My posts also provide educational glimpses of my forestry career. I always consider my family as I share details about my job, internships, conferences and events. My decision to follow a career path in forestry, introduced my family to a career choice that they were previously unaware of. Therefore, I always view each of my posts as a way to expose my audience to a career choice that has be extremely fulfilling for me."-Jasmine

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