Jennilyn Franklin is our forestry guest today! She is the first woman to work for City of Montesano Forestry and the first woman to graduate from both of the Forest Managment classes at Grays Harbor College the AAS: Natural Resources and the Bachelor of Applied Science Forest Management program.
Her Instagram: www.instagram.com/pnwexplorer15/
Highlight education you may have:
Senior at Grays Harbor College earning Bachelor of Applied Science in Forest Resource Management.

Talk about jobs you have had:
Forest Operations Intern- Port Blakely Tree Farms Tumwater, WA Summer 2017
Forest Operations Intern- City of Montesano’s Forestry Department Summer 2018

Your current positions:
Inventory Data- City of Montesano Forestry Department
Lab Technician: Grays Harbor College AAS Natural Resources Forest Mensuration
Assistant to VP of Administrative Services Grays Harbor College

Any hobbies you would like to add:
Hiking, camping, building furniture, photography, scrapbooking, spending time with my family/kids

Your goal in the world of social media:
"To inform my followers and friends about how forestry and natural resources is extremely important. Most people don’t understand logging and forest management are extremely good to maintain a sustainable resource. Its like educating people that fire is good for forests, its been taboo that fire is bad. When I first started school my family thought I was getting a degree to be a logger and didn’t understand the difference of a forester until I educated them."-Jennilyn

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