Mima Letts - Founder and Director of Tree Sparks and I talked about awareness of forestry careers for young people and how she navigated going from university to training forester in the UK. She wants to make a difference in our sector.


We Are Women in Forestry https://youtu.be/eW4JvC6STBA

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Mima started Tree Sparks in 2018 with the aim of increasing awareness of forestry careers in young people. A graduate student from the Forestry program at Bangor University, Mima found herself facing many barriers when she decided that forestry was the career path for her. Careers in forestry and the environment are often not advertised by schools and misunderstood making it hard for young people to get into forestry. After experiencing this for herself, Mima wants to change this by shining the light on the mixed and varied roles available in forestry.

Mima has been studying Forestry for the past 3 years at Bangor University, working as an outdoor activity instructor during the summer seasons. She is now Training Forester on Chatworph in England. She is also a qualified Volunteer Ranger for the Peak District National Park and loves to spend as much time as she can out in the forest.​


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