Sarah is the first woman to teach as a full time faculty member at the Maritime College of Forest Technology! She has a passion for helping others learn about many facets of forests and talks about it with us in a great episode!

She has a Bachelor of Technology in Environmental Horticulture from Dalhousie University & the Nova Scotia Agricultural College, and Forest Technologist diploma from Maritime College of Forest Technology (MCFT)

I have worked as a forest technician both in urban forest roles (ISA certified Arborist) and for the Canadian Forest Service working with invasive and native insects. I have worked on many research projects including brown spruce long-horned beetle and spruce budworm.

Currently: Forestry Instructor at the Maritime College of Forest Technology (MCFT) in Fredericton NB. I teach 5-6 courses a year including forest entomology and pathology, Urban Forestry, Dendrology, Botany, Public Speaking and Arboriculture Sciences. Each year I have approx 100 students training to be forest technologists!

Hobbies: Raising chickens!

Social Media: Incorporating more into my classes. I think social media is a great tool and they should know how to use it effectively.

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