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Virginia is a mother of two boys, her eldest Jerod is 20 and her youngest Keenan is 14. She has a great love for trees and water. Spent most of her life camping, hiking and swimming in nature.
She has developed educational programs called Nature Connects and Forestry Education.
You can find her on LinkedIn:
"I decided to go to school to when I was 30. My career choice was Forestry. I applied to the Forestry Technician Program at Algonquin College in Pembroke, Ontario. It was a great program with many experienced and knowledgeable professionals who have worked in this field for many years. I graduated with a number of certificates: Chainsaw operator, Certified Tree Marker, Road building and Forest Operation Compliance Certificate.
When I graduated I was hired on for a contract by the Senior Forestry Technician for Ontario Parks Pembroke site. My first job was carrying out Young of the Year Brook Trout Surveys in Algonquin Park. Another young woman and I surveyed eight lakes. Our task was to map out new streams/creeks by walking or paddling the circumference of each lake, record stream temperatures, net Y.O.T.Y Brook Trout (if possible) to see if they were present in any of the streams or creeks.
Following the Y.O.T.Y Brook Trout Surveys I was hired on for another contract in Algonquin Park which involved carrying out Free to Grow Surveys. Here we measured the growth success of trees planted in previous years. While working on contract I decided I wanted to move to the Bancroft area. I knew that the Forest Industry was the main economic driver there, and it was likely I would find work in my field…..I did.
I was hired on as a Certified Tree Marker for a contractor working on Crown Land in the Bancroft area. I worked with the same company for eight seasons, and when my boss retired I started my own tree marking business (deCarle Forestry Services) of which I am also the only employee. Shortly after moving to the Bancroft area I connected with some other forestry professionals in 2010. I was then invited to present my idea to carry out a Forestry Day for grade 7&8 students. The presentation to Bancroft Area Forest Industry Association (B.A.F.I.A) was a success.
The first Forestry Day for students in area schools at the grade 7&8 level was in spring of 2011. We connected with a teacher (Colleen Baehre) from North Hastings High School in Bancroft. They have a fantastic program that focuses on forestry and resource management. This is where Forestry Day began.
Myself and a fellow forestry professional (Ernie Demuth, R.P.F) in the industry came up with the idea together to put together a whole day that covers the many aspects of what takes place before and during a harvest operation. We had a tree marking station, wildlife values, tree planting, and harvest operations. Included in the event were multiple people who use wood to create functional products such as canoes, musical instruments, cutting boards etc. We also had a local legend who still to this day at 76 years old hand hews logs for buildings. This event has carried on for seven years now, and there’s a great support from the area schools."-Virginia

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