Today Michaela will be talking about key considerations when it comes to mindset around business. Later on in the show, she will be joined by a fellow military spouse, Candra Burns and together they will discuss the challenges of owning a global business and the ability to overcome adversity around every corner.

In this episode Candra discusses her challenges of moving overseas, having to uproot her career, building a side hustle, and how to operate her business from an overseas location.

Candra had only three weeks to prepare for an overseas move, and had to jump through a million hoops to set up her business in Germany. Living on the German economy brought about a myriad of other rules and regulations to follow. Also, did you know? You can’t use your military APO address for your business?

Aside from the business challenges Candra also talks about her experience of being in an abusive relationship, the challenges of getting care, and having to ask for help!

If you want to hear a story about a resilient woman who keeps pressing on despite the adversity she faces, you are not going to want to miss this episode.

Candra is also a Social media consultant, speaker, podcaster, and content creator who is bridging the gap between age, diversity and sustainability and you can find her on Instagram, facebook, twitter, and LinkedIn as @Talkingforests or or take a listen to her podcast across all major platforms.


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