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Joe Buck In Nature and I had a great chat with each other. He loves Twitter and has built a SAFE community you should be a part of. I felt very safe in this interview and he also interviewed me on Fireside Ch@s, check that out on his YouTube soon!

Joe Buck is a dendrochronologist, ecologist, science communicator, and mental health advocate. Joe owns and runs Cross Timbers Dendro, a forest consultancy based out of Central Oklahoma. His YouTube channel, JoeBuckInNature, features Fireside Ch@s, a SciComm series highlighting scientists via informal virtual chats to provide a sense of community and connection to the scientists we see on social media, but haven’t all had the pleasure to meet. Joe also utilizes social media to help advocate for and normalize mental health adversities. You can follow Joe:

Twitter: @JoeBuckInNature  https://twitter.com/JoeBuckInNature

Instagram: @JoeBuckInNature   https://www.instagram.com/joebuckinnature/

YouTube: JoeBuckInNature  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1_JZmFwxuiN9meXJ5KbpMw

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/joe-buck585266186/

Website: www.joebuckinnature.com

Cross Timbers Dendro: www.oldtrees.co

Joe's mental health resource links:

Made of Millions: www.madeofmillions.com

International OCD Foundation: www.iocdf.org

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention: www.afsp.org

Dragonfly Mental Health: https://dragonflymentalhealth.com

Voice By Gordon Collier in Introduction: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jgordoncollier/

Spring by Ikson  www.soundcloud.com/ikson

Music promoted by Audio Library www.youtu.be/5WPnrvEMIdo


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