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Talking Forests had the opportunity to see the Pompejus tower a week after the grand opening. Driving out to Fort de Roovere was serene and beautiful in the low morning light. Parked under a canopy of broadleaf trees that were not blooming, yet. Still, the colors of Fall on the ground. The striking tower off in the distance is surrounded by a moat.

Surrounded by a moat, Pompejus stands proud on Fort de Roovere

The moat was easy to go through and you were able to walk on water. Not literally, but the stairs lead you down into a wooden walkway and back up into the courtyard where the tower stands proud. The feeling you have when you are walking through water, but not in the water was extraordinary.

A feeling worth going to feel yourself. Walking on wood in the water!

Thankful that Inhabitat and ArchDaily did some features early this year to have this wooden structure on the travel agenda. Accoya “wood was specified because of its durability, stability and low maintenance benefits in external applications.” This wood is the face of the structure. Steel is easily covered by this striking wood. RO&AD Architects chose this wood because of the capacity to last 50 years in an outdoors area without any problems.

Wood used in the tower and a view of the highway that can see the tower from a distance.

Since Fort de Roovere is open to the public 24/7, this wooden landmark is also open for everyone to enjoy during all seasons. The community can use it as an event space and is a great open-air theatre.

Open outdoor theatre which is one of a kind in the Netherlands

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Standing regal and tall in Fort de Roovere reflecting on the water it guards



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