Quinn and Emu

October is National Forest Products Month and National Forest Products Week is October 18th - 22nd this year! We are celebrating with Oregon Women in Timber episodes. See them here: www.orwit.org ~ Our second guest is Quinn Allen. ~She said "I am a recent graduate of Southwestern Oregon Community College, with a certificate in Forest Technology. I currently work for the Coquille Watershed Association as a seasonal noxious weeds technician. I have also recently been hired as a timber cruiser for a timber consulting company and have already begun my training to start full-time after my season ends at the watershed, which I am beyond excited for.~

~I was born, raised, and still currently live, in a tiny coastal community on the southern Oregon coast. Growing up I enjoyed being outside as much as possible, whether it be making mud pies or exploring the beaches and mountains that surround me on my horse. Natural resources are what keep my community alive and I grew up fully immersed in it. From friends and family that worked on the ocean, on the land, and in the forests, there was no way I couldn’t have a passion to keep my surroundings beautiful and here long after I am gone.~

~I love Oregon with all of her rugged beauty and I am excited for the beginning of my career and to see where it takes me. Having my son around inspires me to want to make an impact in the Forest sector and have a hand in making it a better place for us all. From recreating in it, working in it, and educating people about it, I am forest proud.~

~Here are some pictures of me doing Quinn things. From pulling ivy, hanging with my emus and turkeys, to going for rides in the mountains with my little family, hiking, volunteering for OWIT at our country fair, and getting to experience logging in the Redwoods. This is the place I call home and I am excited to share it with others!"~


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