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Forestry Women Who Rock: Brittany Church
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She is the youngest individual to have gone through the associates and bachelors forestry programs at Grays Harbor College.

"I am currently attending Grays Harbor College as a junior pursuing my bachelor’s degree in forest resource management. I was accepted into Grays Harbor College in the Fall of 2015 as a running start student during my junior year of high school. Unsure of what I wanted to do, I spent my first year of college completing my prerequisites. In Fall of 2016, during my senior year, I joined the AAS- Forest Technician program. I fell in love with the program and found my
passion for forestry. Summer of 2017, after graduation, I got an internship with Alta Forest Products based in Chehalis, WA. In June of 2018, I received my associate's degree. Shortly after obtaining my degree, I got hired on by the Washington Department of Natural Resources as a wildland firefighter. I absolutely loved this seasonal job, which helped to further direct me to my niche in forestry. Looking into the future, I will be graduating with my bachelor’s degree in the Spring of 2020 as the youngest individual to have gone through the associates and bachelors program.
I enjoy most outdoor sports, including hunting, fishing, hiking, photography, and much more. In addition to hobbies, I plan on becoming a volunteer firefighter for my local district within the very near future.
My goal in the world of social media is to find inspiration to create more goals to accomplish, then take my accomplishments and inspire others to create their own goals and so on."-Brittany

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