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On a bright and sunny summer day, forest landowners come together for field sessions and educational opportunities put on by Washington State University Extension Forestry and the Washington Department of Natural Resources Small Forest Landowner Office.  The event was hosted by John Henrikson of Wild Thyme Farm.

Andy Perleberg presents award to John Henrikson of Wild Thyme Farm

The field day event is 25 years young and provides a wealth of resources to landowners from across WA State. Landowners had a choice of sessions stationed throughout the farm from advanced hardwood management, tree and shrub identification, a tour of the Wild Thyme Farm, understanding and enhancing riparian and fish habitat, and wildlife walk and talks.

Gerry Day the WADNR State Forester Thanks His Staff


The stations were nestled in the woods and had experts from the field educating new to experienced landowners. If you are a landowner, you may be a forest landowner. This field day helped those who may have needed some resources such as forest landowner assistance programs that WSU Extensionand WA DNR provide. The field day was inclusive with every topic ranging from agroforestry to help with your forested property taxes.

WDNR SFLO provides programs to help landowners such as the Forest Stewardship, Family Forest Fish Passage, Forestry Riparian Easement, Long-Term Forest Practices Application and Alternate Plan assistance. Stewardship foresters provide valuable technical assistance.

John Henrikson overlooking his land.

Northwest Natural Resource Group helped John create an ecological agroforestry system at his farm which was showcased after the lunch hour. Ecologically designed farms have the ability to mimic nature’s diversity. Having multiple types of crops gives the landowner a sustainable method of producing food and necessary products year-round.

The Wild Thyme Farm tour group listening to John



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