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The best part about having a mobile business is being able to go anywhere in the world.

The sights in South Korea are amazing and thousands, not hundreds, of years seated into history. Check out this temple:

Guinsa Temple, South Korea

We hiked several vertical incline miles to make it to this temple and the view of the temple was not the last thing to see. To the side of the main temple, there was a concrete/railing trail to a viewpoint called Nirvana. We hiked up and up and up and saw the most amazing forested views. Little did we know, we were in the foothills of the Sobaeksan National Park.

King of the Mountain Views

This culture has rightly so preserved the forests for future recreation. In the cities, I noticed how the Koreans meticulously held up their trees with 2X4's and wooden planks. They want to grow trees, but they do not seem to grow straight in this part of the country, so this is a solution for now. After some observation, I only saw a few log yards with short and small trees. They may not know that the understory species are preventing the trees from growing tall, but that is just my observation. If you have any questions feel free to email Talking Forests for more information. Until next time!

Koreans hold up trees with wooden arms.



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