Maria and Graise started Women with Resolve to bring people together in a community. Candra joined in shortly after they created the group and they want to Ask Me Anything. As an avid podcaster who asks everyone else questions, I was so down to be interviewed.

Women With Resolve is a space for women in conservation to build meaningful and genuine relationships, find allies, resources, inspiration and opportunities, through our shared purpose.   Everyone is welcome — women and men — but our community is focused on connecting those who are dedicated to elevating women in social and environmental conservation.

Here is the group: www.facebook.com/groups/womenwithresolve/

In this episode we talked about:

3:50 Candra moved to Germany in 2018, Maria ask me how did that change how I was working and how are you adapting?

Transformation, Priorities, and Online work helped Candra move forward.

5:42 What did you learn there that you would bring back?

The recycling system and turning our bio-waste into energy. Solar panel parking spaces. Shade for your car and a place to store energy for later use.

8:35 How do you stay resilient and cope with challenge?

I set out standards, a vision and staying to that course with a business plan, but it is just that a plan.

10:05 You have had to learn new skills that you were not taught in college, how did you do it?

My writing skills did come from college and have translated to me being a copywriter for social media.

One of the challenges for me has been to figure out my worth and place a value on what I do.

The social media aspect, I did not go to college for that, but I was interned and mentored by a communications director for 1.5 years.

12:50 How do you keep up the support for yourself?

I go to Reiki healing sessions and have been going through a healing transformation. I am definitely a nature empath. Ground myself in nature all the time, gardening, walking my dogs and walking outside.

when I am overwhelmed I have a support system and I seek guidance and free counseling. I make military spouse friends really fast.

14:55 Anything else you would like to share with us?

How would you like to see the forest sector/conservation change?

We have preconceived notions about what other generations are going to be like. We need to educate each other and be each other's mentors.

Money, knowledge, and resources are unlimited. It is whether we access it or not.

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