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Bouygues Immobilier is excited to get this wooden building ready for tenants to live in. Photo Credit: Talking Forests

A new block of tall buildings made of wood is planned for Strasbourg, France, and the first one is already almost finished. The Sensations building broke ground this winter, is being built by Eiffage Construction and is making quick progress. The City of Strasbourg had a grant funded competition and this wooden design won in 2013. Bouygues Immobilier gladly hosts this amazing project in France. The building planning, design and permits started in 2014 and the permit was obtained in 2016. Specialists worked behind the scenes to find the places where they could source eco-friendly materials to build with and adapt to the regulations within France.

The Sensations building houses apartments for people to buy. Living in natural wood will increase happiness in the people. Photo Credit: Talking Forests

The building floor plan has three towers with eight, ten, and eleven stories. The foundation is of concrete to reinforce the structure and special insulation on the inside to seal the building. They plan on having 146 apartments that people have already started buying and they will have one to four bedrooms from 30-120 square meters. The main material used in this building will be cross laminated timber (CLT). The CLT wood is from an Austria company named KLH and Altibois came to the site and built all the walls in just seven weeks. Once they were built, the cranes started lifting them into place mid-January.

The building is going up quick and offers some great scenery to look at. Photo Credit: Talking Forests

One amazing thing is that they plan to use geothermal energy from the ground below. The outside will have cladding once everything is close to being finished and all tenants will be living in wood and from the land’s energy below.

No matter which apartment you choose, the views will be breathtaking of France and Germany! Photo Credit: Talking Forests

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