Capilano Suspension Bridge Park in Vancouver, Canada

By Talking Forests | February 3, 2023

Author and Photos by Talking Forests  I was inspired by Molly Burke in her YouTube video called “My Guide Dog Guided Me Across A SUSPENSION Bridge!” to go to the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park. As a business owner with a Service Dog, I wondered how we could get across this bridge. Rhett, my 11-year-old border…

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2022 Women’s Forest Congress Experience and Camp Ripley Tour

By Talking Forests | November 3, 2022

Author and Photos by Candra Burns of Talking Forests  People who identify as women within the forest community have been creating an in-person congress for two years. We finally came together in a 4-day event in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Our schedule had events towards a common goal of coming together and marching towards a better future…

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Tree Planting Should Be a Conscious Choice

By Talking Forests | July 27, 2022

Authors: Lindsay Lights Forintos and Candra Burns A child of the city says they are tired of grey! They want to see green!! What is green and renewable? A tree, to be exact. This child’s dream is to lay under a full tree canopy and look up at the leaves rustling in the wind. Children…

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Cradle of Forestry and the APSAF Centennial Monument

By Talking Forests | August 26, 2021

Patrick Hiesl the Assistant Professor of Forest Operations from Clemson University was interviewed by Candra Burns of Talking Forests about the Cradle of Forestry, the APSAF Centennial Monument, and Carl Schenck a German Forester who brought sustainable forest practices to the USA in 1895. Patrick was an undergrad in Germany where he is from. During…

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Bavarian Forest ~ Wooden Tree Tower

By Talking Forests | November 17, 2020

The Fall landscape of the Bavarian National Forest did not disappoint Talking Forests, we dreamed about this landscape our entire lives. Some compared it to the stateside upstate New York landscape, do you agree? Checkout our Medium publication “Discovering Treetop Walkways in Europe” where we have articles about wooden treetop towers in Saarschleife, Germany, Salzkammergut,…

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Treetop Walkway on largest island in Germany, Rügen

By Talking Forests | September 29, 2020

Author and Photos by Talking Forests  Baumwipfelpfad Naturerbe Zentrum Ruegen on the island of Rügen was a spiral wooden walk worth taking for the views from the bottom of the forest floor to the tree canopy to the views of the water at the top of the tower. What is the best part? Rügen is…

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Austrian Wooden Wonder Treetop Walk Salzkammergut

By Talking Forests | September 27, 2019

Author and Photos by Talking Forests  Austrian Wooden Wonder Treetop Walk Salzkammergut Our Austrian adventure was amazing with wood as the theme all week. The main event was when we visited Baumwipfelpfad Salzkammergut which translates to Treetop Walk Salzkammergut, truly an Austrian Wooden Wonder.   The start of our trip was in a wooden hut…

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The Wooden Punch Buggy Beetle

By Talking Forests | August 21, 2019

Author and Photos by Talking Forests  Talking Forests visited Wolfsburg, Germany to tour the Volkswagen museums. We were surprised to see a VW Beetle made of wood at the Stiftung AutoMuseum (! The first car we owned was a 2001 VW Jetta Wolfsburg edition so naturally going to the museums was a great idea.  …

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Wooden Wonders: German Urbach Tower

By Talking Forests | July 1, 2019

   Author and Photos by Talking Forests  University of Stuttgart created a self-shaping cross-laminated-timber tower in the German town called Urbach. Talking Forests was so excited to see this wooden wonder in person. “The design of the tower emerges from a new self-shaping process of the curved wood components. This pioneering development constitutes a paradigm…

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The Role UK Plays in Global Forestry National Conference

By Talking Forests | May 7, 2019

The Institute of Chartered Foresters is the professional body for foresters and arboriculturists in the United Kingdom. I first heard of this organization when I was talking with Andy Heald a member who works for Confor, a membership organization for sustainable forestry and wood-using businesses. He invited me to go to the Association of Professional…

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